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Honey-2 is our recreational glider for non experienced pilots searching for an all around glider for all kink of flying conditions. This is the ideal wing to evolve in the sport of paragliding and discover the world of XC flights without compromising the safety, in spite of having amazing performances for an entry wing. This paraglider is an evolution of the successful Honey and we have improved the sink rate and the glide ratio.

Inflating the wing in the take off is simple and the rigid foil with the plastic rods in the leading edge help the wing launch preparation and give extra pressure when fully accelerated.. The Honey-2 is surpassingly stable in all axes and it has a long brake travel that avoids mistake by pulling too much the handles, therefore is almost impossible for the pilot to stall the wing or enter a full stall. The handling is great with a new brake geometry that improves the sink rate in all the speed range. This is one of the main improvements compared to the previous Honey. This new wing climbs and glide much better.

The Honey-2 is a EN A certified glider but with so many cells (44) and a high aspect ratio (5.06) it is comparable to the low EN B wings of our concurrents but with the behavior and maneuver exits of an EN A wing. It is manufactured with the best materials and it will last for hundreds of hours without wearing down. Also a unique quality control at the Windtech factory assures a perfect product with the best finishing and a great level of small details..

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> Honey-2 is an intermediate wing with a great glide ration and certified EN A.

> Total line consumption is minimum to improve performances: speed and finesse without compromising safety.

> Three risers made out of kevlar and nylon rods in the leading edge to improve inflation and the inner pressure when fully accelerated.

> A unique brake geometry to achieve a great handling without being too physical.


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