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mad max-2



windsos cube

windsos ultralite

windsos drive
altair > beginner · entry level
The first choice to enter in the paragliding world and progress very fast without any stress or concern about the safety.
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honey-3 > beginner · intermediate
Intermediate glider for recreational pilots looking for the perfect all around wing for all kind of conditions.
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bios > intermediate
To progress in this sport without having to go through a simpler model or a wing with less performances.
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eos > sports · intermediate
Excellent performance in all areas, without compromising the security and safety aspects for the advancing pilot.
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loop-2 > acro · freestyle wing
The hottest, most extreme acro wing. Designed to satisfy the demands of even the most radical pilot…
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hydro > speedflying · entry level
Our wing for entry the Speedflying word. Allows you to go down mountains at amazing speeds and much more…
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ru-bi-3 > tandem · the professional's choice
Our deluxe Tandem wing. Wonderful characteristics: refined handling, performance and inflation.
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rally > paramotor wing · intermediate
Ease and performance with the most popular and accessible powered paraglider in our range.
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kinetik-3 > paramotor reflex wing · advanced
Advanced paramotor wing with reflex profile designed for optimal performance and experienced pilots.
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mad max-2 > semi-reflex wing for trikes
Our paraglider to enjoy trike flying with heavy loads without compromising safety.
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windsos > emergency parachute
High quality standard emergency parachute and the result of extensive research and design.
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windsos cube > square shape
Belongs to the new generation of square parachutes. Designed with a contained volume and weight, and enhaced stability.
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windsos ultralite > light gear
The Windsos ultralite is a great concept of reserve system with very low volume and minimum weight.
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windsos drive > rogallo type
Steerable emergency parachute inspired by the «Rogallo» model, suitable for a controlled and directional descent.
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