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The Bali-2 is the best paraglider we have ever designed in 25 years of company history. This is a new intermediate wing for all recreational pilots, very easy to use and with the best performances in its class. A new profile equipped with a shark nose make the wing better than its predecessor in all aspects.

The Bali-1 had a great reputation and was already a king in its class but now safety at high speed is where Bali-2 excels. The new wing glides more and is faster, moreover it has a great behavior in turbulent air. We have also improved handling and now turns with the Bali-2 are tighter and more accurate making possible to go up in any thermal, even in broken ones. This is a wing you feel comfortable since the first minute and you can achieve any XC flight you ever dreamt of.

With better glide and speed the new Bali-2 outperforms any wing in this category. We have chosen an innovative profile and a optimum line plan with few lines so we accomplished a minimum induced and parasite drag. We have also work on the sink rate making a floater wing with lots of speed at the same time. Brake pressure is light and the wing reacts quickly to any brake input. Brake travel is quite long and is very forgiving when braking too much.

It has a low aspect ratio, only 5.66 so is clearly in the middle of EN-B certified wings. Bali-2 is a very accessible wing but competes in performances with the big brothers, this is wings certified EN-C. Many times, you will find out that the speed and glide angle when flying at full speed into the wing or in turbulent conditions has no concurrent.

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> Shark Nose on the leading edge making possible more pressure in turbulent air and a great glide ratio at full speed. Leading edge opening are smaller and placed differently improving performance and low speed flying. Wing is very collapse resistant.

> New profile and new arch. The vault is flatter in the middle and has a more balanced and constant arch toward the wing tips for a slightly increased aspect ratio. This feature improves stability and pitch control. Launching is easier now and the pilot feels the wing closer at all moments.

> The Bali-2 is lighter than its predecessor making inflation better and a great response when tucking. Rods on the C lines are gone. This makes packing simpler and neater. Maintenance is easier now when packing away the glider.

> C riser for piloting at high speed. The back riser is equipped with special handles to control the wing, transmitting the turbulent first and acting well in advance to prevent collapses. This also makes a better glider when flying under a cloud street or when doing dolphin flying

> Miniribs in trailing edge improving turns at low speed and sink rate during turbulent and weak thermal flying.

> Optimized construction in all details such as leading edge cross rods battens, socket Velcro for debris/sand cleaning, puffy handles equipped with swivels or thin sheathed lines that reduce parasite drag to a minimum and improve material fatigue over the long term and are more resistant to abrasion.

> Efficient and smooth 2-phase speed system. Thanks to its unique profile the Bali-2 can be very efficiently accelerated with little effort. In addition, the Bali-2 has a variable ratio speed system. This means that the speed bar travel and pressure can be changed to suit the pilot’s anatomy: smooth, 3:1 ratio when the legs are bent, and efficient, more direct 2:1 with outstretched legs. Very easy to choose the best glide ratio depending on the air mass.

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