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tandem · the professional's choice

The Ru-Bi-2 is our new tandem wing for recreational users and specially designed for professional tandem pilots. This wing does inflate very easily even in no wind conditions and it is very trustworthy in the landing process. It comes with trims and are very effective and simple to use. This trim system enables you to speed up on 70% of the travel, when the remaining 30% you can slow down the glider and make the brake pressure light when flying thermals. It is certified B class in 39 and 42 sizes.

This new tandem wing is much lighter than its predecessors by more than one kilogram. We added 32gr fabric on the bottom surface and secondary ribs. You became aware of this when launching the glider in no wing conditions, since it is simple and easy. This is the best tandem at take-off currently in the market. It also recovers quite well when landing since the brake has a new geometry and you can elongate the flare making soft landings in small fields at maximum load.

We have implemented a shark nose on the leading edge by adding cross battens and i also help in a great manner to prepare the wing in the ground before taking off and add extra pressure when flying fast and avoid collapses. Line set up it is optimised with unseated line in the top floor improving performances and 420kg bottom lines that make possible to maintain original trim for a long time and add an extra security when making spins or descent manoeuvres.

The Ru-Bi-2 is a tandem wing is a great design using the latest technology that makes a breakthrough in performances comfort, long wear and easiness of use.

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> New EN-B certification in two sizes.

> A light construction method saving weight in profiles and diagonal ribs and strong enough to wear great in time.

> Clean top sail with double 3D in the leading edge. No creases in the sail improving performances.

> SBS rigid cross foil system making a shark nose in leading edge. This improves the take off and add extra pressure when flying at top speed.

> Light and accurate brake system with a low trim position that makes pilot's fatigue almost inexistent and it helps centring weak and broken thermals.


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