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honey pw

kinetik fr-2



windsos ultralite
paramotor wing · intermediate

The Honey PW is becoming a reference in motor flying, and has proven itself as a solid, stable, and easy glider for intermediate paramotor pilots.

With ultimate ease of launch, simple ground-handling characteristics and uncompromising passive safety in flight, the Honey PW, is the most advance EN rated A wing in the market, is the perfect choice for all your paramotor flights even in turbulent days.

The Honey PW has long brake travel, but the handling is direct enough for more experienced pilots to appreciate, while still remaining forgiving enough for new beginners. The progressive nature of the Honey PW’s handling makes for great turning behavior with or without weight-shift, which is an ideal characteristic in a motor wing.

High stability in pitch and roll creates an overall feeling of comfort and safety in flight, however the glider does provide the pilot with feedback, in amounts comfortable and subtle enough for new pilots.

The excellent sink rate and handling of the Honey PW mean that beginning pilots will not outgrow this wing too soon, and will benefit from its balance of safety and performance for several years before finding the need to upgrade to a higher rated wing.

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> Honey PW is specially reinforced for motor flying.

> Honey PW is the first intermediate paraglider model rated EN A in all sizes with such a high glide angle.

> Line consumption has been brought down to minimum to maximize glide and speed without compromising safety.

> Three risers and nylon wires in the leading edge (battens) to improve launch and the internal pressure in accelerated flight.

> Special brake geometry to improve maneuverability and make the brakes less physical.

> Great sink rate for an intermediate wing due to the new profile evolving along the span climbing effortlessly even in very light lift.

> Short and effective speed system usable even when flying in turbulent air.


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