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high tec · competition serial class

Fenix is the new high performance wing from Windtech for experienced pilots wishing to accomplish long cross country flights or pilots that want to compete in Serial Class with the best performances in the market but in an easy and relax way avoiding the stress and tension of a competition glider.

Now you can exploit any weak and broken thermal thanks to the direct and accurate handling characteristic plus an amazing sink rate. However the Fenix excels at full speed even in rough air with the long and efficient speed system and the optimized wingtip torsion for full speed flying looking for stability. These characteristics make possible to add a plus in safety compared with the other competitors.

The Fenix line plan is minimized to improve performances especially in turbulent air. With only 3 rows of lines it has an astonishing performance at full speed without sacrificing any safety and the fact that we use advance an light materials and the special nylon wires in the leading edge (SBS) we achieve an easy inflation during launch in spite of being a high aspect ratio wing. This is shown in the spectacular C class certification in three sizes.

It will be very difficult to improve this design and it represents a huge leap forward in technology and aeronautical design, special when you know we started this project from a blank sheet. The Fenix is a superb wing that will cause admiration and passion among pilots in all the take off of planet earth.

characteristics planform

> High aspect ratio with only three rows of line and a direct and efficient speed system with a maximum speed of almost 60Km/h.

> Evolutive profile span wise making possible more stability when using the pedal.

> Minirbis in trailing edge improving turns at low speed and sink rate during turbulent and wake thermal flying in leading edge

> Optimized construction in all details such as SBS wires, socket velcro for debris/sand cleaning, puffy handles equipped with swivels or special coating in competition lines form Liros that reduce parasite drag to a minimum and improve material fatigue over the long term.

package contents

Your Windtech wing is delivered with the following content:

• Manual
• Inner bag
• Glider strap
• Repair materials
• T-shirt with the Windtech Flyman
• Stickers and merchandising

You may choose to add any to these extra accessories:

• Glider Backpack (120 liter)
• Quick Pack Bag ECO (mono)
• Quick Pack Bag XL (bipla)
• Z-bag (concertina)
• Windtech speed bar

technical data





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