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tandem · the professional's choice

The Ru-Bi is our new tandem wing for recreational users and specially designed for professional tandem pilots. This canopy does inflate very easily even in no wind conditions since is very light when pulling the risers and the landing is easy and extremely safe. It comes with trims in the risers with are a kid's toy, since are very effective and simple to use. It also comes with a big ears lock system to facilitate descent techniques when you need to go down quickly. It is certified B class in two sizes.

We have improved the great Tuareg characteristic in general, lighter and faster it has the great handling of all Windtech tandem wings. It does not surpass the pilot when inflating and it is quite easy to stop and maintain the canopy above your head before take off, very important for checking protocol procedure. The leading edge rigid foil help in a great manner to prepare the wing in the ground and do their job on the way up. Since the sink rate is very low you are airborne in a couple steps. Once in the air the special brake tension system make the handling quite light, almost like a mono wing. Your arms will appreciate this brake lightness. Also this make easy the final landing flare even when the wing is at the top of load range.

The Ru-Bi tandem wing is a great design using the latest technology that makes a breakthrough in performances and easiness of use.

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> New EN certification in two sizes.

> A light construction method saving weight in profiles and diagonal ribs.

> Perfect top sail shape in all the speed range maximizing performances

> SBS rigid foil system in leading edge making a long wear when heavily used.

> Light and accurate brake system that makes pilot's fatigue almost inexistent and helps when centering weak and broken thermals.


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