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Windtech at the 50 Coupe Icare
The 50th Coupe Icare starts next week in St-Hilarie, France. Once again we will be attending…
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Kinetik-3 review: «Paramoteur+» mag
The French magazine «Paramoteur+» has published a deep test of our fast and furious motor glider…
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Eos certified
Our new intermediate paraglider, the Eos, is certified ENB in all sizes. It is one of the safest wings in its category…
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Ru-Bi-3 test by «ojovolador» online mag
Check out this flight test by about our new tandem wing Ru-Bi-3 certified in 3 sizes EN-B…
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All the new paramotor wings online
You can now read all the information about our novelties for paramotoring with their design characteristics…
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Windtech at «Las Candelas» exhibition
Our paragliding brand will be present at one of the most important paramotor fairs of the year that will be held in Seville…
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Honey-3 review: «Parapente Vuelo Libre» mag
This new version of its initiation model increases its performance and speed, both maximum speed and trim speed…
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Honey-3 and Ru-Bi-3: all info on-line
Now you can now check out all the Honey-3 and Ru-Bi-3 information on the Windtech website. Read all about…
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