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16-08-2019 > Ru-Bi-2: info on-line
Now you can now check out all the Ru-Bi-2 information on the Windtech website…
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02-08-2019 > Ru-Bi 2 certification on-line
We just got published the certification on the Ru-Bi 2 in 39 and 42 sizes. We are very proud of this new tandem wing…
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30-04-2019 > Duster: our new B+ wing
More lightness, durability and performance. We introduce the most attractive and innovative intermediate…
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22-04-2019 > Bios promotional video
Our new intermediate wing is a success for pilots who want to entry the sport of paragliding…
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25-03-2019 > Bios: info on-line
Now you can now check out all the information about our new recreational glider certified EN-B…
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18-03-2019 > Bios video review
Flying test of our Bios made by Ojo Volador. Daniel Crespo shows the advantages of flying with this low EN-B…
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15-03-2019 > New Windtech Mad Max!!!
Mad-Max: The first Windtech paraglider specially designed for trike and paramotor foot launch is born…
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18-02-2019 > Latest video on Windtech Hydro
Hydro is a mini-wing to discover free-style flying and start speed-riding. When wind is blowing more than 40km/h…
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