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28-08-2020 > Duster: success in the last competitions
Our intermediate wing, with impresive results, wins in all competitions that has participated this last summer weeks…
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24-07-2020 > Honey-3: new beginer's intemediate glider
We introduce the Honey-3 that replaces the Honey-2. The new glider is lighter and faster…
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23-07-2020 > 25th anniversary «Fly-Woman» T-shirt
New T-shirt with our «Fly-Woman» logo to celebrate our 25th anniversary. There are plenty of colours available…
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21-07-2020 > Bios XS certification on-line
Our low EN-B glider Bios is already certified in the last size (XS). Now all 4 sizes are fully certified…
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20-07-2020 > David Tejeiro with Windtech
We are very happy to announce a full collaboration between David Tejeiro and Windtech Paragliders…
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11-03-2020 > Duster: info on-line
You can now check out all the Duster information on the Windtech website. An amazing intermediate wing…
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06-03-2020 > Duster shows full potential on XC comp
Windtech Duster won the Spanish League in 2019 in the Club Class. This is the best test to show the amazing performance…
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04-03-2020 > Windtech most recent videos
Check out the Windtech YouTube Channel to watch some nice and interesting videos with our latest gliders…
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