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08-05-2023 > Ru-Bi-3 test by «ojovolador» online mag
Check out this flight test by about our new tandem wing Ru-Bi-3 certified in 3 sizes EN-B…

Ru-Bi-3, testing Windtech's tandem paraglider

Unboxing and product testing video by Daniel Crespo
for Ojovolador of Windtech's Ru-Bi-3 tandem paraglider

In this video, you can enjoy a test tandem flight of the Ru-Bi-3 with Daniel, who shares his impressions of the product with a passenger on board. "It has a good feeling in inflation," begins Daniel on the ground. In flight, he says, "I really like the brake handles, they're a bit damped, a bit elastic, but they're smooth, comfortable, and perfect for working with. In thermals, it takes little effort, the glider is very stable, it's quite noble, comfortable to carry. I really like the trim system. It's very practical, very operational. It's well thought out, simple, and practical, and it's the best I've seen. It has these little bands here with their different positions, and they run perfectly, both for setting them and releasing them… The controls are smooth, damped, and absorb turbulence well. It holds the brake very well, and in the end, I braked a lot to approach and everything went perfectly, with a lot of stability and interesting performance in the landing round. Well," concludes Daniel. "I already flew the Ru-Bi-1, which was the Spanish champion paraglider, and this one, of course, is better, showing a good level of performance for an EN B and good thermal turn... we had a lot of fun.

Windtech's optimized new Ru-Bi-3 tandem paraglider is much lighter than its previous versions. This tandem paraglider has an aspect ratio of 5.40 points and is available in three sizes, 36, 39 and 41, certified EN B. It is manufactured with proven durability and lightweight D20 and D30 fabrics. The 3D designed top surface has crossed nylon rods and a sharknose leading edge. The Ru-Bi-3 comes in two standard colors, red and blue.

Included: manual, inner bag, compression strap, repair material, Windtech Flyman t-shirt, stickers, and merchandise.

Source link: testing Windtech Ru-Bi-3

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