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01-09-2008 > Windtech present at the Coupe Icare
From the 18th to the 21st of September Windtech will be present at the Coupe Icare (France) with 2 stands…
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29-08-2008 > Zephyr breaks a record once again
This time is the Zephyr Lite the one that has broke a weight record. The last Zephyr Lite version are much lighter…
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23-07-2008 > Zephyr flight test: «Parapente Mag»
We publish the Zephyr flight test of Parapent Mag, June 2008. This is a great article to discover our new glider…
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21-07-2008 > Zephyr & Zephyr Lite. Full info on-line!
Finally after several month of waiting you can check out now all the Zephyr information directly on the Windtech website…
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23-06-2008 > Zephyr EN certification
Finally the Zephyr is certified EN in all sizes. It has passed EN B and even the large size passed EN full A at maximum load…
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28-05-2008 > Zephyr review: «Parapente Vuelo Libre» mag
It has a glide ratio as good as a competition paraglider (9.2) and a high trim speed 40km/h…
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26-05-2008 > Kinetik Plus
After several years the Kinetik has become the most popular wing for motor flying. Now it evolves to continue leading…
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19-05-2008 > Windtech Caps
Now you can get our latest merchandising product. The new Windtech cap with the flyman logo embroided…
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12-05-2008 > Dinema risers: ultra strong, ultra light
This new risers are built with dinema from Cousin Dynalite and you can pick them up as an option…
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04-02-2008 > Zephyr: our new intermediate wing
The new wind that blows across the 5 continents. After an intense development over the past two years we introduce…
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01-02-2008 > Combat Full Race - Open Class
The first protos of the Combat Full Race are now available for the competitor pilot of high level…
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30-01-2008 > New brand image in all Windtech 2008 gliders
Starting in January 2008 all Windtech paragliders will have a new decoration in the bottom surface…
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28-01-2008 > Tecno review: «Parapente Vuelo Libre» mag
In the Tecno product page we published the Tecno flight test from «Parapente Vuelo Libre», summer 2007…
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