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2006 news

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27-10-2006 > Windtech design technology secrets!
In their October issue, Vuelo Libre Parapente magazine published an interview with Windtech's Chief Designer…
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23-10-2006 > 2007 Windtech Calendars
We have just started sending out the new 2007 Windtech Calendar. The full Windtech line is showcased…
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20-10-2006 > EVO, our new hyper-fast paramotor wing!
The EVO enters the powered paragliding arena aimed at paramotor pilots who wish to maintain a high cruising speed…
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09-10-2006 > Kali review in «Skywings» magazine
Finally, the first of many admiring reviews of Windtech's Kali available online for you to see on the Windtech web…
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01-08-2006 > Tempest wins the X-Cantábrica Open!
Windtech co-director Gabriel Cañada wins the X-Cantábrica Paragliding Open in Spain, flying a Windtech Tempest…
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28-07-2006 > Kali review in «Parapente Mag».
In their latest edition (nº 106 - June 06), Parpente Mag have completed a flight test of the Kali…
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24-07-2006 > British Champions: Karen Skinner & Kinetik!
In the 2006 British Paramotoring Championships Karen was the top female pilot…
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21-06-2006 > First photo of the «Combat» 2007.
The Combat is a new DHV 2-3 paraglider from Windtech, planned for the 2007 season…
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05-06-2006 > Tempest review in «Vol Libre» magazine.
The Tempest has received a seriously in-depth review, for which «Vol Libre» are renowned…
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30-05-2006 > Kali information now online!
You can now check out all the Kali product information on the Windtech website…
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15-03-2006 > Kali info - PDF download.
Now you can read the latest information on the Kali in Adobe PDF format. This five page document explains details…
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11-03-2006 > Kali DHV 1-2 certified.
The Kali has now been certified DHV 1-2 in sizes 25 and 27. You can see the test results for yourself on the DHV website…
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06-03-2006 > Free Quick-Pack Bag with every Kinetik!
To celebrate the great successes of the Kinetik, we are offering the Kinetik with the usual Windtech backpack PLUS…
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27-02-2006 > Kinetik #1 in Spanish Championships!
The Kinetik has proven itself to be the most popular choice of powered paraglider in the Spanish paramotor league and…
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23-01-2006 > Jérome Maupoint: photo shoot in Morocco.
Paraglider pilot and professional photographer Jérome Maupoint, has just completed an exclusive photo shoot…
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16-01-2006 > 2006 - Year of the Kali.
Finally, after three successful years of the Pulsar, we have our brand new sports intermediate wing, the Kali…
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12-01-2006 > First paramotor flight over «Las Médulas»!
We started 2006 with a beautiful historic flight over the 'Las Medulas' roman gold mines, a famous Cultural Landscape…
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