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2012 news

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10-12-2012 > Kinetik Full Reflex online info and videos
You can now check out the Kinetik Full Reflex information on the Windtech website. Read all about…
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07-12-2012 > Windsos Ultralite certified EN
We publish the Windsos Ultralite certification in size L. With a weight of 1.4 kg and 115 kg max. load…
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14-09-2012 > Windtech present at the Coupe Icare
From 20 to 23th of september Windtech will be present at the Coupe Icare (France) with a bigger stand…
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12-09-2012 > New Flyman Polo T-shirt 2012
Now we offer you a new design of the Flyman Polo T-shirt in two different colors: black and orange…
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10-09-2012 > FFPLUM certifications (France)
The motor paragliders Honey PW, Zephyr-2 PW, Kinetik Full Reflex y Tuareg Trike are certified for motor flying…
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27-08-2012 > Fenix certified C class
We finally have the Fenix 27 certification published on-line. It is great news to have such a high performance wing…
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31-07-2012 > Amazing: 145km triangle with a Zephyr-2
The Zephyr-2 is an incredible flying machine. Not so many dayas ago this wing has beaten all other in…
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27-07-2012 > Fenix: best performance class C
This new wing has everything that a experiences pilot seeks when looking for the best XC flight or competing…
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05-06-2012 > Zephyr-2: great results in competition
The Spanish Nationals 2012 in Pejalajar show some great results for the Zephyr-2, finishing first, second…
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16-05-2012 > Zephyr-2: Our new intermediate wing
After several prototypes and many months of work we have now available and certified the new Zephyr-2…
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14-05-2012 > New Z quick pack bag
We have developed a new way to protect and pack your glider with our new Z-Bag. This bag makes very easy to pack…
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20-03-2012 > Windtech Flight Deck
Our latest accessory item for the X-country and competition pilot to carry maps, instruments and ballast…
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17-03-2012 > Upcoming new Kinetik Full Reflex
In very few weeks the intermediate motor pilots will have the opportunity to fly the new Kinetik Full Reflex…
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16-03-2012 > Zenith Evolution certified in B class
We just received a confirmation mail from Para-test team with the certification in B class in sizes S, M (SM), and ML…
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03-02-2012 > Honey PW. Full info now online!
Now it's time now to publish all the Honey PW information on our website pages…
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30-01-2012 > Tuareg review: «Parapente Vuelo Libre» mag
The success is no doubt the amazing handling is showing in any lift. Read the flight test and you will find why…
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27-01-2012 > Honey review: «Parapente Vuelo Libre» mag
A sweet Class "A" glider. This is a entry wing with some great characteristics such as excellent handling…
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12-01-2012 > New Windtech paraglides for 2012
With the beginning of the new year we are about to release a bunch of new projects…
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09-01-2012 > New Windtech caps
It is about time you get our latest cap which is very trendy. This is the new Windtech cap with the flyman logo…
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We'll keep you updated with all our news and upcoming events.