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31-12-2014 > Welcome 2015, our 20 anniversary
From all the Windtech Team, we'd like to wish your blue skies and a happy New Year. 20 years flying with you…
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15-12-2014 > Bali wins in the Final of the Spanish League
Gabriel Cañada, co-founder of Windtech 20 years ago, wins in the Final of the Spanish League in Club and Sport Class…
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14-12-2014 > Bali 28 (M) class B certification
Para-test lab just published the Bali 28 (M) certification in class B in their official web site…
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19-11-2014 > Bali, the synthesis of 20 years of R&D
After a year and a half and several prototypes we announce that the Bali, our new intermediate wing for 2015…
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18-09-2014 > Altair: info on-line
A new star is born… you can now check out all the Altair information on the Windtech website…
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15-09-2014 > Windtech present at the Coupe Icare
Windtech will be present at the 41 edition of the Coupe Icare at St. Hilaire de Touvet - France, from 18 to 21th of september…
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22-05-2014 > Altaïr, our new beginner's, certified EN A
We finally have the Altaïr S, M and L certification published on-line. It is great news to have such a simple and…
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19-05-2014 > Tuareg tandem, Fenix and Zephyr 2 manuals
Now you can download from our website Tuareg tandem, Fenix and Zephyr-2 flight manuals in PDF format…
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12-05-2014 > Fenix's video by Moncho. Nice work!
Victor Rodríguez «Moncho», no doubt a very active FB paraglider pilot does surprise us with this amazing video…
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09-05-2014 > Follow us now in Windtech's Facebook page
You can follow us in our Facebook page to be updated with all the news and information about the Windtech community…
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05-05-2014 > New «Flyman» T-shirts by Windtech
Finally we got the new Windtech T-shirt collection, emblazoned with the powerful «Flyman» logo design…
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10-02-2014 > New sizes on the popular Kinetik Full Reflex
The KFR is enlarging the size range with a mini 20m2 wing (17m2 projected). This is aimed for…
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07-02-2014 > Fenix mini-replica
You can now have your favorite glider hanging from your car mirror or in your house door…
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04-02-2014 > Windtech WindSos Anti-G
We introduce a small parachute to make descent maneuvers an easy task by making tight 360 turns…
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