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kinetik fr-2



windsos ultralite
supreme paramotor ultra-fast reflex wing

Kinetik Full Relfex-2 is an evolution of our previous reflex wing, but now with the addition of a new profile with shark nose for more stability at high speed.

In spite of having a larger speed range, we had worked on a new brake system to make handling great at all speeds without sacrificing maneuverability even when using the secondary handles for tight turns in slalom competition, or just to have fun when flying low and avoiding obstacles.

All this makes passive safety in the KFR-2 as its best and it is a joy to fly even in turbulent air when you have to fly directly into the wing…

The Kinetik Full Reflex-2 shows great handling and it is easy to bank and make sharp turns even when the trim is off and you are flying at high speed. In accelerated position, you can use the tip steering system and also combine trim and speed system. You can choose to use the stabilo handles or the normal ones but the combination of both of them makes amazing radical turns with lot of fun.

It is surprisingly easy to inflate and stays above you waiting for throttle to be airborne. Landing is very easy and you can land with the trims open as well. This is a well-balanced glider that flies at speed you never though could be achieved in paramotor.

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> Equipped with specially developed trim riser for increased speed and decreased torque effect.

> It is also manufactured with Windtech PPG Steering system, allowing to control your wing in an accelerated position safely and effectively.

> Highest quality materials used throughout to make the wing very durable.

> Newly added profile with shark nose and modified reflex profiles along the span guarantee stable and secure flight at cruise speed.

> The useful range of speed is from 23 to 66 km/h.

> Certification for paramotoring (DGAC).


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