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15-12-2014 > Bali wins in the Final of the Spanish League in Tenerife
Gabriel Cañada (Gabo) co-founder of Windtech 20 years ago, wins in the Final of the Spanish League in Club and Sport Class. Amazing result in the first competition of a Bali world wide.
Here below are his comments about the wing and the competition:

«80 pilots attended including many well known PWC ones. First competition after 20 years of absence. Last one was Quixada -Brazil- were I’ve flown 200 km with a Quarx (still my longest flight ever).»

«Only two task out of the planned four were organized and the second one was cancel after an accident due to the presence of the helicopter. The pilot sorted undamaged. I was not carrying radio so I didn’t know about the cancelation. I did fly the whole task 60 + kilometers in 3 hours (4 hours of flight) with a group of french pilots fying Enzo2 and Icepeak who also accomplished the full race.»

«Also in the first task I did not set up properly the GPS and I didn't do the turn point of the windmills in spite of only 10 pilots did come back to the Fasnia take off. Well, you can’t expect to have everything right. Last time I joined a competition we were using analogic photo cameras to validate the races. However I finished first in Club and Sport class.»

«Poor conditions and weak lift so it was not so difficult to follow the Top Guns, wings with an aspect ratio of 7 and 8. My Bali has an A/R of 5.6 so I was in a different fight. Even sometimes was easy to follow the leading group. This canopy handles really well, the sink rate is amazing and I was always higher at cloud base. Then you have to wait and let them lead the race and climb faster in next thermal again.»

«Great ambience in the competition. Much better than in the old times and the local pilots Guillermo, Goyo and Montse are very kind and helpful in everything you may need. Congratulations to Mika Diaz in the Open: second and first spaniard. It must be his Asturian’s blood!.»

Sport Class

1st Gabriel Cañada (Windtech Bali)

2nd Carlos Cervilla (Gin Carrera)

3rd Silvio Zugarini (Nova Triton 2)

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