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The Hydro is our new wing for entry the Speedflying world. This is a special wing that allows you not only to go down at amazing speeds any mountain, carving up the slopes doing rolls, swoops and radical turns, but also yo can fly it as any normal paragliders, since the glide ratio is excellent and soaring and thermal flying is a real possibility.

The Hydro is a very dynamic wing. A combination of speed system and a long trim make possible low angle of attack that elongate the speed range without compromising the stability of the wing. The new profile used in this wing with the addition of a shark nose on the leading edge increases the inner pressure and adds stability absorbing the turbulence without difficulties. The flat and open vault also enables to fly faster and to make more powerful and radical turns and maneuvers.

We have worked on a new brake system not only to transmit to the pilot any change in the air mass and in the angle of attack but we have also worked on a long travel to enable long flares in landing specially after making a roll or any radical turn.

In short, the Hydro is a wing to start and discover Speedflying without hassles and be able to fly in strong wind and enjoy changes in height and speed.

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> Paraglider equipped with 3 risers and a special baby A riser for big ears and a soft and progressive speed system. A trim system fully synchronized with accelerator for maximum speed.

> V ribs profiles to reduce line consumption and increase performances at high speed.

> Rigid Foil System placed in the leading edge with cross rods to enable shark nose ram entries. Nylon wires battens make the canopy lighter and improve drastically the inflation and the canopy internal pressure.

> Open vault improves wing shape and handling. The wing has an immediate response to pitch changes when turning.

> Custom construction. Canopy weight varies from 3 up to 4 K. depending on the materials you choose when ordering the wing.


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