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Bios is our new intermediate wing certified EN-B. It has a low aspect ratio therefore it is intended for people who want to start and progress in this sport without having to go through a simpler model or a wing with less performances.

For this we have designed a very easy to use and all-around wing: it’s easy to inflate thanks to its reduced weight and a special leading edge with cross rods that form a small shark nose and make the wing front pre-inflated at launch. It has a glide angle similar to the B+ paragliders but its level of safety is much higher than these wings.

In turbulent air the Bios behaves very well even at maximum speed due to a distribution of the internal pressure that allows the canopy to always be inflated avoiding unexpected collapses. The accelerator system is short and soft and when the wind is strong you can still fly against the breeze maintaining a good glide that will allow you to reach the landing.

It is a very versatile and all terrain paraglider. Equipped with Dynema cord risers (optional) and softlinks the small sizes do not reach four kg of weight and the bigger ones remain in four and a half kilos making possible to enjoy the Fly and Hike and mountain flights experience.

With its fast and direct handling and its great performances we can guarantee that the Bios will make you enjoy each flight as if it were the first time.

characteristics planform

> EN-B certified wing, but it is very accessible and easy to use, allowing you to start and progress in thermal flying and XC flights with a high level of safety.

> Three risers and a direct and effective accelerator to be used in the entire speed range.

> Cross rods in the leading edge to perform the sail in the inflation and improve the internal pressure.

> A brake with unique geometry to achieve a good twist and little physics that allows narrow and broken thermal cores to be centred.

> Made in Skytex 40/38 grams in the extrados and 32 grams in the intrados it gets a great durability and will last you hundreds of hours which increases its price in the second hand market if you resell it.

package contents

Your Windtech wing is delivered with the following content:

• Manual
• Inner bag
• Glider strap
• Repair materials
• T-shirt with the Windtech Flyman
• Stickers and merchandising

You may choose to add any to these extra accessories:

• Glider Backpack (120 liter)
• Quick Pack Bag ECO (mono)
• Quick Pack Bag XL (bipla)
• Z-bag (concertina)
• Windtech speed bar

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