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01-06-2003 > Windtech 1st & 2nd at Lakes Charity Classic 2003.
The Lakes Charity Classic 2003, held May 31st- June 1st, was a great success for Windtech, with Steve Etherington taking 1st place Overall on a Windtech Tucan tandem and Carlo Borsattino coming 2nd Overall on a Wintech Quarx II. The event was blessed with superb weather the whole weekend, and pilots enjoyed good cross country conditions flying high over beautiful Cumbrian scenery with cloud base at around 1200m ASL (4500ft) with tasks on both Saturday and Sunday.

Lakes Charity Classic 2003 'A' competition results:

> 1st Steve Etherington, Windtech Tucan
> 2nd Carlo Borsattino, Windtech Quarx 2

Carlo won the 1st task on Saturday, on a Quarx 2, with Steve very close behind in 3rd, on a Windtech Tucan. Other pilots were decked trying to punch into the sea breeze. Using his experience with flying the sea breeze near the South Coast, Carlo flew off course to connect with the sea breeze front and then worked along it to get in a much better position to glide towards goal. He then had an amazing final glide high over the much lower cloudbase of the moist sea air far below, with amazing views of the sea breeze convergence.

Steve came close second on the second day, after most pilots were decked at the second turnpoint when they failed to read the conditions in the valley correctly. Steve however took the slightly longer route over the high ground, flying over Blencathra peak, to keep high and be able to take the second turnpoint and make it back to lift again. Steves consistency on the two days meant that he was overall winner of the competition even more impressive when you think he was flying tandem! Of course, Steve had the benefit of co-pilot and fiancé Claire to guide him, who was after all leading the way the whole time!

> Lakes Charity Classic 2003 'A' Comp Results

> Lakes Charity Classic 2003 Report by Simon Raven

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