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19-11-2010 > Amazing flights onboard a Zephyr

Here are the news just arrived of some great flights done the last summer with our intermediate wing. This proves that long flights are feasible to all experienced pilots with a good intermediate wing, fast and safe as the Zephyr.

Pilot: Silvain Laporte
2 years flying, 19 years old student.

Location: Piedrahita, Spain
Date: 31/08/2010

Glider: Zephyr M

Distance: 130km
Flight duration: 5h 30min
Maximum altitude: 4400m
Maximum vario: 6.3m/s (30 seconds)

There were no many candidates at the launch area since the wind was blowing from behind and dust devils were quite often. I was airborne with a gust coming from the front and the first 20 minutes I was low, scratching and working weak thermals till a good one gets me up to 3200m. crossing Villatoro pass.

Next was a sum of thermals without being really low (2 times only 400m. off ground level) I pass the Avila's lake, the Fuentemilanos airfield and Segovia and landed in the N110 road near Torrecaballeros. This was the most beautiful flight in my life.

I have to thank you my glider that I know like the back of my hand for letting me do this cross with full confidence.

Pilot: Jonathan López
2 years flying

Location: Béjar, Spain
Date: 11/08/2010

Glider: Zephyr S

Distance: 189km
Flight duration: 6h 30min
Maximum altitude: 3963m
Maximum vario: 5.3m/s

This was the first time I flew in Béjar. Previous days I did some flights between 40 and 80 kilometers in Piedrahita and that day I gave it a try to the west of the Sistema Central since a nice southwesterly wind was picking up since early morning.

Funny how there was very light wind at the take off and I was soaring along the ridge till I hit the first good thermal of the day that rock me up to 3100 meters. Then the southerly wind was taking me to the flat lands and out of the mountains. Then the glides were long ones with the help of the tail wing. North of Piedrahita cloud base was at 4000 meters and last 80 kilometers were done in lest than 2 hours. I landed 8 km off Segovia were my brother pick me up.

My previous personal record was 90 km. and for sure I will pass 200 km next year with my Zephyr. I love the safety of this glider in strong conditions.

We'll keep you updated with all our news and upcoming events.

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