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04-07-2004 > Spanish Record on Tactic by Steve Ham!!!
A new Spanish record is broken in Piedrahita by Steve Ham on a Wintech Tactic
244.6 km and 8 hours above the N-110 national road.

The take off was at 12h 50' from Peña negra. Landing was at 20 h 52' at Valdealvillo (this is the N-122, 17 km after Burgo de Osma).
Steve's Comments:

«I was flying with my English group, plus a wandering Holland pilot. In the group was Nigel Prior who has just broken my English record (it was 9 years old with 175 km and he has flown 186, but another pilot made a longer flight a few days ago).»

«Going back to the flight it was not easy till the pass, and I made the cross flying north toward the "antenas" Wind was blowing from the west, 15-17 km/h. This was more variable flying low at the Amble's valley, mainly it was blowing north but above 3.000 m was blowing SW 12-15 km/h. My last customer, Frank Goodman, landed at 17 h after 143 km. Frank flies a Gin Oasis and he is 73 years old, so can you imagine his satisfaction face that day. This is the 6th. time he visits me and he deserves such a flight. Let's see what we do fly when we are his age.»

«I decided to fly 200 km (never done it in Piedrahita) 196, 198, 193 km. I was always near and so many times the East wind blows at Riaza and takes you to the ground. This time the route was north from the Sistema Central, about 20 km off the mountain chain. The clouds were developing and the confluence was obvious to glide and glide without stopping. The convergence stopped at 20 km from the Burgo de Osma. The next move was to glide to get the same street of clouds but it was too late, though there were still clouds. I didn't make it and I just glide to the village and landed near a witness riding a bike.»

244,6 km with a Windtech Tactic S.

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