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27-02-2017 > Bali-2: our new intermediatie wing

We have already available our new intermediate wing: Bali-2.

This is a B+ but with a moderate aspect ratio for its class (5.66) and many innovative features that make the Bali-2 a new design improving in all aspect the previous wing Bali.

The Bali-2 is equipped with shark nose technology in the leading edge and the new profile is thinner and more performant than the old one, therefore the wing is more stable specially when fully accelerated making the wing more resistant to collapses.

Also the thinner lines sheathed and the shark nose make the wing 2-3km faster and the glide ratio at maximum speed is now four decimals higher matching the best C class wing on the market in glide and speed.

We have removed the C rods and the wing is lighter and simpler to pack away. Also we add some new lines on the back to increase pressure and the top surface is extremely clean without creases or reflex improving the air flow.

The brake handles are equipped with a special assistant as well as the C riser for back riser control in turbulent air. A new brake geometry make the handling more precise and direct and the new speed system is softer and quicker than previous ones. At the end this is a 5% increase in performances while maintaining a high safety standard in rough air.

…take the Bali-2 for a flight test at your nearest Windtech dealer.

Bali-2 > technical data

size 24 (XS) 26 (S) 28 (M) 30 (L)
area (m2) 24.4 26.7 28.1 30.6
projected area (m2) 21.10 22.80 24.25 26.15
span (m) 11.88 12.35 12.71 13.22
projected spam (m) 9.43 9.79 10.11 10.60
aspect ratio 5.66 5.66 5.66 5.66
projected aspect ratio 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.2
max. chord (m) 2.57 2.68 2.76 2.87
nº cells 53 53 53 53
line length (m) 6.97 7.27 7.48 7.77
line consumption (m) 219 229 237 245
*canopy weight (kg) 5.2 5.4 5.7 5.9
pilot weight (kg) 48-68 63-83 73-93 83-103
all-up weight (kg) 65-85 80-100 90-110 100-120
EN certification B B B B

*canopy weight goes from 3.5 to 4.5kg in the light version: Balilai-2

We'll keep you updated with all our news and upcoming events.

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