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19-11-2014 > Bali, the synthesis of 20 years of research & design
After a year and a half and several prototypes we announce that the Bali, our new intermediate wing for 2015 is now ready in size 28. This size is already certified in class B and sizes 26 and 28 are being certified this weeks.
All pilots who had the chance to test flight thhe pre-serial models and our demos were extremely happy with the flying characteristics on this model since this concept is a milestone in performance and safety and it starts a new path for the paragliders for the years to come.

No doubt this is the best paraglider we have designed so far. Performances like any C class wing even when the A/R is only 5.67 !!!

A new profile and above all a new setup on the attachment points and the way the pilot is positioned makes the handling extremely light and accurate.

The wing es very efficient going up in thermals since sink rate is the best and you can now climb in almost any lift. A glide angle above 10 enables you amazing crossings between thermals, not possible before. This is possible thanks to the low line consumption. The small, size 24, consumes less of 200 m. and the large size with 30 m2 not even 240 m of lines. Only 2 bottom lines joint the risers. Simply amazing !!!

Bali's profiles are equipped with 70 m of nylon wires in the leading edge and C lines to improve the inner pressure and achieve a safety level not seem before in an intermediate wing.

A dream glider ready to devours kilometers without limits…

Available in three colours:

blue red orange

More info in our Facebook page and at the Para-test oficial site.

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