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15-10-2007 > Combat SC & Evo - Information on-line.
You can now check out all the Combat SC and Evo information on the Windtech website…
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08-08-2007 > Tecno Extreme Lite.
Finally we have decided to release the lightweight-mountain version of our highly desired advanced intermediate paraglider…
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07-08-2007 > Combat SC. A new high performance glider!
The Combat SC (Serial Class) will be available from September in sizes 23 and 25…
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06-08-2007 > Arial. Probably the word's safest paraglider.
The Windtech Arial is certified DHV 1 in all 4 sizes, but has also passed the new European Certification (EN) standard…
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03-08-2007 > 2007. The year of many certifications!
Never in the history of Windtech have we completed so many certifications!…
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12-04-2007 > Evo info - PDF download.
We have put together a PDF explaining all the main characteristics of our new paramotor glider, the Evo…
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03-04-2007 > Tecno. New high performance - intermediate.
Finally we unleash into the paragliding arena our new advanced intermediate glider, the Tecno…
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26-03-2007 > Arial. New beginner - entry level wing.
The Arial is the brand new beginner's paraglider from Windtech. It will be released in 4 sizes, all certified DHV 1…
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29-01-2007 > New T-Shirts.
We are releasing a new Windtech T-shirt, emblazoned with the powerful Flyman logo design across its front…
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19-01-2007 > Loop. New freestyle glider.
We are releasing a revolutionary new freestyle glider which will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding acro pilot…
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15-01-2007 > Cargo. A new tandem paraglider in 3 sizes.
Rumours have been spreading for more than a year that we have been working on a new tandem glider…
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We'll keep you updated with all our news and upcoming events.

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